About Us

Hi, my name is Terry Franco

I like to play games. I have played a lot of games for the last three years. One of the biggest problems I’ve had in these three years is the virus. Because the virus has damaged my three mobile phones. Then I realized the problems I was going through other the people are also facing these problems. Then I decided to create an apksheep.com website with my friends for the convenience of the people.

So that I can give people virus-free standard games and apps. that’s why people can avoid the problem that problems I have encountered. Therefore my team and I will give you a virus-free standard game and apps file. Which you can download freely without any charge. So you can download your favorite game and apps file ease from our website at any time. You do not have to pay to download any game because all the games and apps on our website are for free. Also if you see any problem in our game and app file you can ask us in the comment section. Our team is available 24/7 hours to respond to you immediately.

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