Z Shelter Survival MOD APK v1.2.30 (Unlimited Money, Craft)

Z Shelter Survival MOD APK Latest Version Download And Unlimited Money, Weapons, Fast Travel, Free Craft, And Get Mod Menu Features.
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If I say that you will be lost in the atmosphere of survival in this game that would be an understatement of the century. As this app is specially designed for android devices, all Smartphone users can be found having fun amid their palms. Z shelter survival is allowing its players to explore the remnants of this planet after the last world war broke and left about nothing.

This app has a high level of screen and color resolution so we advise our users to keep their devices up-to-date. As the name of the game suggests, you will be playing the role of the ambiguous last survivor of the huge war outbreak. This is your chance to view the world as the only human breathing alongside your trustworthy companion. This dog is the only true friend you are left with on the entire globe.

Z Shelter Survival MOD APK Features

Craft A Tool:

You will be coming across a lot of zombies. Those people were not born this way, but they have been the result of the war and the experiment’s failure. This key feature is here to help you in sorting out the best tools or other weapons or shooting machinery you will need. To survive you will have to kill the menacing zombies so they cannot bite and turn you into what they are.

With the help of this feature, you can pick any stick, stone, object, or wooden equipment to craft it into a weapon. Save as many weapons and use them collectively in times of dire need. When a bunch of zombies attack, this is your time to defend against those brain eaters.


Your major motive is to explore more and more shelters in search of any other survivors. When you meet other uninfected people bring them with you so they can stay at your place. To survive in those dangerous conditions you ay fight the walking dead and collect as many rewards to make your place breakage free. Install electrolyzes and security cameras to keep an eye on trespassers.

In the meanwhile, look for temporary shelters so you can go hide in the most dangerous situations. In the same scene, you have to collect food and other supplies so that you don’t have to starve or get ill. Survival is the most trivial part because zombies attack as a group. You might not be able to fight all of them at once. You need a very strong shield in your shelter.


Here you must create stronger than ever shelters for any other people you find alive. All of your shelters must be strong to keep you protected inside and keep all the deadly zombies outside. As the zombies have been encountered by the virus they are stronger than the average humans.

But, their sole motive is drinking blood from all living things and eating the human brains. No doubt these creatures are super powerful and they can destroy average shelters so make sure you have created a very strong one. If you wish to stay in that shelter for a longer duration, make sure it is breakage-proof.

Health Point:

There is one health point bar present on the screen of your device. In this bar, you can easily see what more your player needs. It can be sleep, some rest, food, medical aid, clean-up time, or even a new set of clothes and shoes. Moreover, your pet dog is also your responsibility so you have to provide for it as well. Feed, pet, take walks, play, and teach some basic dog survival tricks to it. Make sure you have taken good care of your health standards before you start a new day.

Upgrade Weapons:

You will need to upgrade most of your weapons with time. Your weapons are simple in the beginning but the zombies are growing stronger by the time. With extensive use, these weapons are worn out and need a bit of adjustment. You can also go sell them or buy new ones from the shop. You can simply use your game’s hard-earned money and make your survival a little better than before. Strong groups of zombies are ready to lunge at you as all they see is red and thirst for blood.

What’s New?

We suggest that players update their z shelter survival unlimited money game now and have the fun of their lifetime:

  • 1. The latest game has the best Fix for the bug to upgrade the game’s performance.
  • 2. The developers have also optimized the game experience is the best player’s interest.


Z shelter survival games works great with Android 6.0+ and needs about 73.73 MB space only on all your android devices.


Your goal is survival alone and for that, you have to fight against multiple blood-sucking zombie troops. Moreover, save the world from the deadly virus that is spreading quickly and turning every living being into a walking dead.

You are on a mission to save people by placing them in potent shelters. You are not alone and fighting against these blood-hungry zombies but a couple of others is also out there waiting for help. Also, check out this swamp attack mod apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

<strong>Q 1.What will happen if players don’t shower?</strong>
Ans: Players can go without a shower for a long time. If they die while they are smelly, the game can be reset for Cleanliness. Green gas emanating from the player with red cleanliness symbol shows that players must take a shower before going back into the game.


The world around z shelter survival mod apk has been close down to be familiar and only filled with dangers. After the spread of the virus, most people turned into zombies, and animals became dangerous as well. All enemies are in search of human blood and brains. So now players have to be personified in the role of a surviving for which there are many ways in the game. So download this z shelter survival game. And enjoy the game.

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