Top Five Methods To How To Change App Size on Android?

If you want to how to change app size on android? If yes definitely check this post. Because I have explained how to change app size in it.
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Android mobile is known as very popular because of its excessive options. Because you can customize this android operating system and even you can even decorate it as per your wish. That’s why all android mobiles have different launchers system and UI systems. Through which you can resize the app. Some of these methods are basic, simple, and but some are advanced.

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However, some android versions do not allow you to resize the app. That’s why they can use a third-party application to reduce app size. But I am going to show you the ways by which you can actually how to change app icons sizes on android. So let’s grab a look at some of the ways how to change app size on android.

Top Five Methods To How To Change App Size On Android

The First Method If You Have Android Twelve:

<strong>These android have the same UI dynamic system through which you can make apps icons smaller on android. And if you don't know about how to make apps icons smaller on android then go read this article:</strong>
  • 1. Turn on your mobile and go to settings.
  • 2. Click display to open the display menu settings on your mobile.
  • 3. Scroll down and find wallpaper & style.
  • 4. After that, now go to the grid and open it.
  • 5. The default size is five by five where you can reduce the size of the app.
  • 6. After setting you to save it.
<strong>But this method works on some mobiles so you will follow another method on how to change icon size in android. To follow this method, open the settings of your mobile and look for the display option:</strong>
  • 1. Click on it and you will see an advanced option.
  • 2. In this option, you can change or increase the app icon size android.
  • 3. But there is a problem with this kind of mobile that is app icon changing the size will change the tax of your mobile and the current elements too.
  • 4. That’s why you can follow the first-mentioned method.

The Second Method Is Have Samsung Phone:

Back in the old, samsung had touchwiz UI or interface. But in the new version of samsung android, the users will enjoy the system of One UI. But if you have the touchwiz UI on your mobile then you can how to reduce icon size in android by following the instructions below.

  • 1. Click on an empty area of your samsung mobile screen and open the overlay menu.
  • 2. Go to your mobile home screen settings and choose app screen grid or home screen grid.
  • 3. You now have four options in home screen grid (four by four, five by five, four by five, and five by six).
  • 4. And in the app screen grid, there are two options (four by six and five by six).
  • 5. You can choose any app icon size of your choice from these sizes.
  • 6. After selecting the size of the app save it.
  • 7. This way you can resize the app icon on your Samsung mobile.

The Third Method Is Using A Phone Launcher:

If you use an old android mobile, you need to use a third-party application to change the size of the app. But most people don’t know about using third-party applications. So it’s not a big problem. Because I am going to tell you how to use third-party application which is as follows:

The First Application Is Named POCO Launcher:

After download this application, you will see the settings at the bottom of the screen in your mobile. Open this setting. Scroll down the menu and click on more options. Disclose the customized layout on this page. Here you are can change your app size and pattern. After changing the app size and pattern to your liking click on apply button. You can thus change the app sizes on your mobile through this POCO Launcher.

The Second Application Is Named Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher is the most impressive application for your mobile, you can change whatever you want through it, the following is how to use it. Download this Nova launcher on your mobile. After downloading open this application and go to settings. Select app layout in settings. You can change everything through this option. For example, you can customize the color style, text style, app size, font size, etc. This way, you can change the app size for your mobile using this Nova launcher.

The Third Application Is Named Apex Launcher:

Apex launcher is a great way to customize your mobile to your liking. The procedure for using the apex launcher is simple. You can change the default app icon size from 50% to 150% through this. To change the app size you just have to go to advanced settings. By going to this setting you can change the app size.

The Fourth Application Is Named Microsoft Launcher:

You can also use this microsoft launcher to change the size of apps on your home screen. Because to use it is the same as other applications but it is many times better than them. That’s why you can also use this application to change app size on your mobile.

The Fourth Method Is Using Custom Rom:

This is a great way to change the icon size. If you know how to install custom rom in your mobile then you can utilize this method. You can change your app icon size by installing new home through it. But doing this can also be dangerous. Still, you can change your app icon size using this method. Also, do you want to know how to breed dragons in dragon mania.

The Fifth Method Is Android Nougat:

<strong>This method may work for those whose devices will have android nougat 7.0. If your mobile is android nougat 7.0 you can follow these instructions:</strong>
  • 1. Open the settings of this mobile and go to the display option.
  • 2. After that, the display size menu will be displayed.
  • 3. You in this place can change the app size and small icons for android.
  • 4. Save it after making changes.
  • 5. This is how you can resize the app on your android nougat mobile.


I hope that you can android app icon size change by the methods that I have told you and you will not have any problem doing it. But if still facing any problems then you can mention this problem in the comment box I will try my best to solve your problem. Your dear friend terry franco.

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