30 Komban Bus Skin Download – Livery HD Download

Can you looking to download a komban bus skin? If yes get access to a unique komban bus skin download that will make your ride stand out.
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Have you ever played this bus simulation gaming called BUSSID? If yes then you will already know all information about this game like skins and other parts etc but in this post, we will not talk about the features of this game because you already know. Rather we will tell you about the 30 best komban bus skin download which you can use to make your buses attractive.

So without squandering any more time let’s get to the komban bus skin. I have prepared a complete list of komban bus livery and skins for your convenience through which you can easily choose any skin for your bus simulator indonesia livery and skin download.

Complete List of 30 Komban Bus Skin Download And Livery


Komban Bus Skin Download - HM SKIN

The first Skin in this list is HM SKIN which is very popular among youngsters. Its color is deep pink and the windows and doors are white.


2. Rolex 3k Livery For Ms Garage Cappella Private


The second skin is Rolex 3k, which is considered to be the favorite skin of the youth. Its color is deep orange and the stripes of white color give it a very unique look its roof is black and the British flag is also made on the backside.


3. Kaavil Livery Green And Red

Komban Bus Skin Download - Kaavil Livery

The third skin is the most popular Kaavil Livery which is present in green and red stripes designs. You will see separate colors on both sides of it.


4. Komban Livery Black And Red

Komban Bus Skin Download - Komban Livery

The fourth skin is Komban Livery which I personally like a lot Its color is black and red which is a perfect combination to give a unique design of the bus skin. Thanks to this, the bus looks like a racing car.


5. Marhaba Livery White And Orange

Komban Bus Skin Download - Marhaba Livery

The fifth skin is the Marhaba livery which is very famous for its classy design. Its color is white and orange which perfectly appears in the triangular stripes. Due to which the bus looks very attractive.


6. Parth Livery

Komban Bus Skin Download - Parth Livery

The sixth skin is Parth livery which is very popular among people due to its unique design. Its color is dark orange and has a combination of gray and white color. Thanks to this, this bus looks very unique and scary.


7. PicsArt Green

Komban Bus Skin Download - PicsArt_10-26-10.01.25-picsay

The seventh skin is PicsArt Green which I myself have used many times. Its color is green just like its name and it also has knife design stripes which makes it a favorite skin among many young people.


8. Ithihaasa

Komban Bus Skin Download - ithihaasa

The eighth skin is Ithihaasa which was launched recently and today it is quite popular among the youth because of its deep pink color. Besides, its roof and several doors are gray in color, and before and behind it is some writing in the Bengali language.


9. Prp Hd For Gemini V2 By Kgc Garage

Komban Bus Skin Download - PRP HD FOR GEMINI V2 BY KGC GARAGE

The ninth skin is Prp Hd white which is the most special skin on this list. On which you get to see beautiful butterflies painted on a white background.


10. SSK 2

Komban Bus Skin Download - ssk 2

The tenth Skin is SSK 2 which is available in Chinese style. It is decorated with beautiful floral designs and is purple and yellow in color. And behind him is the banner of the hero of South India’s most popular film.


11. SSK Gemini

Komban Bus Skin Download - SSK GEMINI

The eleventh skin is yellow in color with butterflies and squirrels on it. Most of the Germans like it. That is why its name is SSK Gemini. Which is made by this Jai Guru bus skin download.


12. livery 1

Komban Bus Skin Download - livery1

This twelfth skin is beautiful dark blue and yellow in color. And the beautiful color stripes on it give it a unique look. That is why it is included in this bus simulator skin download list. So that you don’t miss out on beautiful skin.


13. Zedone Black

Komban Bus Skin Download - zedone_mod_v1picsay

Thirteenth the color of the third skin is black and there are red and gray stripes on it. These stripes are shaped like English words. It has been launched by the Ksrtc bus skin download company recently.


14. Zedone Orange

Komban Bus Skin Download - zedone_mod_v1

Chodmi skin is the most favorite Zedone Orange of people. As the name suggests, this is orange in color and also has some other color combinations in the center. And there are some racing car-like designs on both sides which give it an interesting look.


15. Zedone Blue

Komban Bus Skin Download - zedone_mod_v1

The fifteenth skin is Zedone Blue which has been launched recently. Its color is similar to the shirt of the most famous cricket team KBL. It was designed after being inspired by the Ksrtc bus livery. Which you can also use.


16. Zedone Green

Komban Bus Skin Download - zedone_mod_v1

This sixteenth skin is green in color and has a terrible shape on it. In which gray color are also added which gives a good style to look at this skin.


17. Zedone Red

Komban Bus Skin Download - zedone_mod_v1

The seventeenth skin is Zedone Red – Jai Guru bus livery which is most loved by the youth. Its popularity among the youth is due to its Ferrari-like design and color. Because everyone wants to make their Komban bus look like a Ferrari everyone that’s why everyone likes this skin.


18. Avittam Holidays Livery

Komban Bus Skin Download - AVITTAM_HOLIDAYS_LIVERY

Eighteenth Skin is specially designed for those who love Rambo colors and those who want to make their ksrtc livery for bus simulator indonesia look like Rambo can choose this skin.


19. Ithihas Private Livery

Komban Bus Skin Download - ITHIHAS_PRIVATE_LIVERY

The nineteenth komban bus livery skin is a beautiful orange color and the tires are designed like a white flower. And its roof is black in color. Which provides a nice look to watch.


20. AMVJ Livery

Komban Bus Skin Download - AMVJ_Livery

The twentieth skin specially designed for the youth, features a cute horse motif with a Rambo on its head. The roof and both sides of the bus of this komban bus mod download are designed with different colors that give it a unique look.


21. Anooch Finaal

Komban Bus Skin Download - anooch_FINaal

The skin in twenty oneth is specially designed for girls because it has a pink color. As we all know girls love pink color very much so pink color skin for girls is also included in this komban heavy bus simulator indonesia skin list.


22. Kms Ravanan By Kgc Garage

Komban Bus Skin Download - KMS RAVANAN BY KGC GARAGE

Twenty twoth skin is specially designed for those who are tired of different designs and want to get natural-looking skin. This Kms Ravanan By Kgc Garage skin is made for those people as it has a beautiful green color design on both sides which gives a very natural feel.


23. Zedvega(v1)  Team Alappyens

Komban Bus Skin Download - Zedvega(v1) _TEAM_ALAPPYENS

Twenty thirdth skin is specially designed for those who desire to run Mercedes. They can fulfill their desire through this Zedvega(v1) Team Alappyens skin.


24. Jaiguru Jinn 4klivery

Komban Bus Skin Download - jaiguru jinn 4klivery

The twenty-fourth skin resembles a racing car as it is green in color and has stripes on the sides like a racing car. Those who love to drive racing cars can fulfill their passion through this skin.


25. Jesus 4k Livery

Komban Bus Skin Download - jesus 4k livery

Twenty-fifth skin is the most special of all the skin on this bus simulator indonesia livery komban. Because its red color and gray color stripes give it a unique look which I personally like a lot. Which you should try it once I am sure you will fall in love with this skin.


26. Legend Black Man Livery 4k

Komban Bus Skin Download - legend black man livery 4k

Twenty-sixth skin may be the best choice for those who like an intense blue color. Moreover, beautiful tattoos are also made on its sides which consist of a beautiful combination of blue and black colors. Which I suggest you use once in your game I hope you will like this skin very much.


27. Muzhangodiyil 4k Livery

Komban Bus Skin Download - muzhangodiyil 4k livery

The twenty-seventh skin contains Japanese designs. Its overall color is white and it has beautiful cut stripes of pink and purple colors. Which are quite beautiful to look at.


28. Tabbu Jalva


Twenty-eighth Skin is specially designed by this bus simulator indonesia skin download komban game for those who love the pink color very much. They can choose this skin.


29. Sree Muthappan Livery Sd V2

Komban Bus Skin Download - sree_muthappan_livery_sd_v2

Twenty-ninth skin which is the most interesting sky color skin on this list so far. Which I myself use especially in this bus simulator indonesia komban skin download game. Because its unique skin makes it completely different from other skins. So on my advice, you should definitely use this skin once.


How Can We Add This Komban Skin To This Bus Simulation?

It is very easy to add this skin to this bus simulation you just have to follow the instructions given below:
  • The first step is to download the skin you want to add to your game.
  • The second step is to start this bus simulation on your device to play and go to the settings menu of the game.
  • In the third step find the file upload option.
  • The fourth step is after finding this option, to upload the downloaded file in this option.

Doing so will add the skin you want to add to this bus simulation game. This way you can seamlessly add this skin to your game.

What Is The Bus Simulator Indonesia Komban Skin Download?

Bus skin download is a wonderful feature of this bus simulator indonesia komban that has been included in it so that you can give a unique design to your bus. Everyone knows that is very thrilling and entertaining. Because it has very different buses and interesting real-play routes. Which includes different highways in Indonesia and different places around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I add a favorite skin to the bus simulation?
Ans: If you don’t know how to add skin to this bus simulation, you should read the downloaded paragraph above. There I have told you in detail.


I have given you all the information about this komban bus skin download in detail above and I hope you will not have any problem using this skin now. If still you encounter any problems then you can report the problem in the comment box. I will try my soundest to solve your problem. Also, if you are looking for this dream league soccer kits be sure to check out this new article of mine.


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