Homescapes Cheats That Actually Work And Complete Guide

Learn All Information Everything Related To The Homescapes Cheats. And Best Tips To Get Homescapes Unlimited Lives Android, Stars, Coins, Etc.
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Homescapes is an android game that is based on a unique concept. You have never played a game like this before. Because you will find casual, strategy-based, simulation, and puzzle genres all in one place, which is called homescapes game. When people install its original version from the play store, they face many problems, like purchasing the pro features by spending a lot of money, etc.

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To help you eliminate all this none sense, we will tell you the best ways to get various homescapes cheats code. When you play the game, you will find a limited number of moves at each stage, making the levels difficult to complete or you didn’t know how to get free stars in homescapes. So this guide has all the solutions for resolving these kinds of problems.

By applying a cheat code, you can get unlimited moves at each stage and make the game easy to play. If you don’t know the proper method to acquire and apply cheat codes in homescapes level 24 cheats, or you didn’t know how to play homescapes level 24 then you are at the right place. Today we will tell you all the tips and tricks to get cheats for how to get free stars on homescapes.

Cheat Codes Based On Various Conditions

Many cheat codes Based On Various Conditions are available to remove all the hurdles you face while playing the game. We will give you how to solve your main problems in homescapes unlimited stars ios.

Get Unlimited Lives:

In homescapes you will get only five lives. If you fail five times you have to wait hours to refill the lives and then play the game. This causes interruption and makes players irritated and leave playing the game forever. If you want unlimited lives, there are cheats for this.

<strong>Please follow the method given below to get unlimited lives:</strong>
  • 1. First of all, you have to close the homescapes game.
  • 2. Always make sure you have completed the game in the background too.
  • 3. Then turn off the Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • 4. Now go to mobile settings and search for fate and time.
  • 5. Then you have to set the date 1 to 2 years forward.
  • 6. Now again, open homescapes trainer.
  • 7. It will ask you to play the orangery event.
  • 8. Then play it in at least two stages.
  • 9. When you complete these two stages, you will get unlimited live boosters.
  • 10. Now again, go to settings and set the date to present.
  • 11. Then turn on the Wi-Fi or mobile data. Again open homescapes cheats iPad.
  • 12. You will see that you have unlimited lives.

Unlimited Coins Cheat:

Another major problem is that everyone wants unlimited coins because they are beneficial for purchasing boosters. In the game, you have to buy coins with real money, which would be costly for the players. So, we are going to give you the best method to get unlimited coins without spending even a penny.

There is a tool named homescapes coins generator that helps you to generate as many coins as you can.

<strong>Follow these instructions for better results:</strong>
  • 1. Open the homescapes coin generator.
  • 2. You will see different options on your mobile screen.
  • 3. Select the number of coins you want to get free of cost.
  • 4. After this, you must enter your game ID and then beat the verify button.
  • 5. Now you have to choose the operating system from these three options. Android, Apple, Windows.
  • 6. Then solve a puzzle to ensure that you exist not a robot.
  • 7. After this verification, you will see that you have received the number of coins that you have selected in the application.

Find Game ID:

Many people face difficulty in finding out the game id in homescapes cheats iphone 2022. This id would be beneficial whenever you are applying cheats to the game.

<strong>Follow the method given below to find your game id easily:</strong>
  • 1. Launch homescapes cheats for android.
  • 2. Then go to the game settings available in your mobile screen’s top right corner.
  • 3. This will show off a new menu to you where you can easily see the game ID at the bottom side.

Useful Tips Given For Using Cheat Codes

<strong>Try to follow the useful tips given below to use these cheats more successfully and get better results:</strong>
  • You must apply any cheat to the game when you have leisure time and play the game for at least an hour. Because this cheat can last a maximum of 1 to 2 hours.
  • Try to log in daily to get maximum rewards.
  • Count the levels which you are completing because, after every ten levels, you will get unlimited live boosters.
  • You have to analyze each side of this game before making a move. This will help you to avoid mistakes that will lead to failure.
  • Please focus on the missions and try to complete them for unique rewards.


Suppose you are facing any problem related to homescapes pc cheats to get lives, gold, and other boosters necessary to play the game get. So then follows the methods given above to get better results. You will get rid of being failed and you’ll also get rid of waiting to refill lives again and play the game repeatedly without interruption. You can contact us if you find any problem while performing all the methods mentioned above. We do our best to provide you with the best possible solution. Stay connected with us to get more effective guides like this. Also, are you looking for free fire redeem code.

Frequently Asked Questions

<strong>Q1. How to get free lives on homescapes?</strong>
Ans: If you want to get unlimited lives, then play and win the two stages of the orangery event. This will help you to get infinite lives in real homescapes cheats.
<strong>Q2. What is the highest level in homescapes?</strong>
Ans: At this time, there are 9340 levels in homeescape level 24.
<strong>Q3. How many locations are available in homescapes cheats 2023?</strong>
Ans: 3 main locations are available in the game, including a lake cabin, mansion, and mountain estate. You can explore these locations and have fun while playing the game.


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